The Cisco Business Architecture Practitioner is a certification program that builds and extends the skills inherent in the Cisco Business Architect. Those who achieve this level of expertise will be able to fully lead a business engagement, developing a comprehensive roadmap, managing engagement artifacts, and effortlessly participating at all levels within an organization to build rapport and credibility. Business Architecture Practitioners will demonstrate mastery of the tools and techniques that are essential to successful transformative business engagements. This certification is the ultimate destination of the Cisco Business Architect.

This job role based certification will help candidates to:

  • Identify, define, and fulfill strategies to transform businesses
  • Provide full architectures, solutions, and deliver on the vision and outcomes that are promised
  • Create, refine, and document business cases, roadmaps, and other plan artifacts that deliver on the desired outcomes
  • Build and lead a team to both develop and deliver on the promise of digital transformation of business outcomes
Required exam/s for certification

• 840-450 Mastering The Cisco Business Architecture Discipline (DTBAD)

Courses required for certification
Mastering The Cisco Business Architecture Discipline (DTBAD)
5 days

AUD 5,500.00

USD 4,400.00

PGK 13,800.00

NZD 0.00


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