Candidates for the Azure Developer Associate certification should have subject matter expertise designing, building, testing, and maintaining cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure.

Responsibilities for this role include participating in all phases of cloud development from requirements definition and design, to development, deployment, and maintenance. performance tuning, and monitoring.

Azure Developers partner with cloud solution architects, cloud DBAs, cloud administrators, and clients to implement solutions.

A candidate for this certification should have 1-2 years professional development experience and experience with Microsoft Azure. In addition, the role should have ability programming in a language supported by Azure and proficiency in Azure SDKs, data storage options, data connections, APIs, app authentication and authorization, compute and container deployment, debugging, performance tuning, and monitoring.

Job role: Developer

Required exams: AZ-204

Skills measured

  • Develop Azure compute solutions
  • Develop for Azure storage
  • Implement Azure security
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions
  • Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services
Required exam/s for certification

• AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
• AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Courses required for certification
Microsoft Azure solutions for AWS developers (AZ-020T00)
3 days

AUD 2,340.00

USD 1,900.00

PGK 5,900.00

NZD 0.00

Developing solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204T00)
5 days

AUD 3,650.00

USD 3,000.00

PGK 9,100.00

NZD 0.00


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